Firewall service not starting on Windows Vista / Windows7 / Windows10


This problem was driving me nuts. I did read at least 50 articles on how to debug firewall problems. I did all the stuff like “sfc scannow”, the microsoft fixit, tech articles, service repair programs, and still a nonworking firewall.

Just when i was giving up, and made a prepare for a full system reinstall, I got it fixed.

Problem description:

When typing net start MpsSvc you see the following info

The Windows Firewall service is starting.
The Windows Firewall service could not be started.

A service specific error occurred: 13.

If you don’t have a error 13, just skip the complete article. This article is only for people with a error 13. Also its a last resort. Don’t blame me, if your computer is not working after my suggestion’s.
If you have a error 5, I suggest to read the following link

With the software serviwin from nirsoft you will see the following message on the service

Here are the steps:

This solution is for Windows Firewall error in Vista. In the Event Log you will find the following message.: “The Windows Firewall service terminated with service-specific error 13 (0xD).”

The way i fixed this was to delete the complete regkeys under


So, open Registry Editor (Start->Run->regedit). Navigate to the key, and delete from the key “FirewallPolicy” but DONT delete the FirewallPolicy itself

you should have

Open a command prompt with admin rights and type

net start MpsSvc

If you have the firewall running you need to restore de default set of rules
Click on Start->Type Windows Firewall in the search box. Click on “Windows Firewall”

Click on “Allow a program through Windows Firewall”. Click on Advanced Tab->Restore Defaults.

You can also type in the following command in a dosbox (admin mode)


24 thoughts on “Firewall service not starting on Windows Vista / Windows7 / Windows10

  1. THANK YOU! WOW. How simple. I was just about up to here in PowerShell commands, got from Errror 13 (“service-specific”) to net svc error 1066 and was trying to enumerate the properties of the CimInstance ClassName Filter MpsSvc and pull out the ExitCode definition… RIDICULOUS! The last error I was trying to work through was this:

    Set-CimInstance : Cannot bind parameter ‘Property’. Cannot convert the “ExitCode” value of type “System.String” to type “System.Collections.IDictionary”.

    Then I got to your post. THANK YOU!

  2. Υou are AWESOME!! I had tried everything for 2 weeks and i was about to reinstall win7 64 bit to my laptop when i noticed your topic. Thank you very mutch.

  3. I was having the same issue on a Windows Server 2016 machine.

    The solution for me was inspired by this article, but I wasn’t able to start MpsSvc after deleting the data values in the FirewallPolicy key, so the fix for me was slightly different.

    Luckily, I had exported the entire FirewallPolicy key earlier. I imported that again, and then tried starting MpsSvc again. SUCCESS! It started. Not sure why exporting and importing the very same data fixed it, but maybe it caused the permissions to get refreshed.


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