Samsung bootloop

Just a small post about my old 2011 Samsung tv.

Today it did not start and was rebooting in a loop.
After some googling i found a YouTube post how to reset the Eeprom.

Unfortunately it did not work (i think) so i did read some more post about problems with a bootloop. Some person suggested to place the main board into the freezer for 2 hours.

Instead of placing the complete main board in the freezer i did freeze the NAND memory chip with a little gas bottle to refill a lighter. (using a cooling spray is a bit smarter, but i didn’t have cooling spray)

After cooling the NAND chip for 30 second i waited a few minutes so the liquid was vaporized.

I have to admit that a was surprised that this step did solve the bootloop.

The tv was starting normal and i needed to reinstall the settings, but its working again.

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      • I’m trying to fix a “55 4K Curved. Samsung UN55KS8500FXZA. I checked all of the caps on the power board and everything looks normal. I tried doing the EPROM reset with no fix, I put the main board in a ziplock freezer bag and left the whole board in the freezer overnight. Took it out this morning and let it thaw out for a while then re-installed it. Still going through the boot cycle over and over. It turns on, the Samsung logo on the bottom of the screen bezel lights up for a second as well as the screen for a second or two then the TV goes back into standby mode and the process starts over and over again until I unplug the TV from the wall outlet. I don’t even have enough time to try to enter the service/repair mode. Any advice? Am I possibly doing something wrong? Thanks in advance!


        • I personally would not try this type of fix on a new model. The reason i made this post is because i had nothing to lose (it was years out of warranty)

          I never put the complete board in the freezer, i only did freeze the NAND chip with a gas bottle.

          Maybe give this one more try?
          Its possible that the NAND chip is defect and than you need to replace it. (but i would bring it to a professional repair shop if i hade this type of TV)

  1. Cooling the NAND did also worked for me.
    I used liquid air (used for dust cleaning). When the can are used upside down, the air comes out as very cold liquid.

  2. Freezing the NAND chip worked for me too.

    I used liquid air (When the can is used upside down, you get freezing liquid)

    Thank you!

  3. Thanks for the suggestion – nothing to loose. May try Romina tech as also posted. ours has been in the shed for a year and I am going to try it. As stated by many on the site I found your link on, it is infuriating when the tv is in great condition after a few years and Samsung wash their hand of the problem. Our TV repair show said it was on for 24 hours so they repeat it, although one of their guys worked at Samsung previously and confirmed it!!!!!! GRRRR

  4. Hello,

    Thanks for the this info.

    EEPROM restart didnt worked for me. But Freezing with and upside down Air Spray Can on the NAND Chip worked form me. The TV starts normal now.

    HOWEVER I have lost the signal for all the HDMI Ports. I cannot use any of my HDMI ports ( 4 are there ). It detects the devices bit asks to check the cable connection, source or sinal. I have reset to factory settings but no joy.

    Any pointers in this direction would help.


    • I would advise to make a “real” factory reset.
      If you can make a reset from the menu, please do so.
      If not, then hold the exit button for 30 seconds and press OK.

      Its a bit strange that this problem is related to freezing the NAND chip.
      Its more likely that you made some short circuit when you tried to reset the EEPROM.

      If a reset don’t help you I’m afraid your out of options.
      But at least its nice to hear that freezing the NAND chip did fix the boot loop.

  5. The solution with putting motherboard to frige for 2 hours works for my UN46EH5300FXZA. The problem with “boot-loop” resolved!
    Thank you!

    • I wish it fixed mine!! I left it in my freezer over night in a ziplock freezer bag. Is it possible that the freezer bag kept the board from gettin cold enough to the point of resetting the NAND chip? I may give it another shot today with the board directly in the freezer with no bag. I should also note that when I unplug one of the cables (what I think is the HDMI cables from the power board) the screen stays lit and the boot cycle stops. But I can’t do anything else. This just tells me that the screen is good and (I think) the power board is good, but something is def wrong with the main/mother board.

  6. I did the hard reset as you showed but it didn’t work. Then I freezed the main board for two hours and then waited it to dry but it didn’t work, too. Finally one morning I placed the TV in my car and drove to school. The TV waited for nine hours in 10 centigrade degree in the car. When I took the TV to the technical service, it was working perfectly. 😀 I don’t know what made it work… resetting or freezing or waiting in cold weather…

    As a consequence, thank you so much! You saved my money. 👍

  7. I forgot to add that all the settings of the TV were the same as the settings before the problem occurred. I think that means I couldn’t manage to reset the TV although I followed the steps of resetting via some cable on the mother board, freezing the board for two minutes. Both methods didn’t work but the day after the TV worked well. what do you think about the reason of its working fine? Thank you again.

    • I guess it has to be the complete cooling down of the main board.
      If the reset was ok then you had to reprogram all the channels.

      But did you completely place the main-board in the freezer? or did you cool the NAND chip with cooling spray?

      I’m glad it did work out in the end.

  8. I had the boot loop issue after a firmware upgrade. Tried to launch the BBC iPlayer app and got stuck in the boot loop. Leaving it outside in 7c temperature for 2 hours did the trick.

  9. samsung ue32d5520 boot loop fault stuck it in the loft over night so it was cold as freezing over night took it out let it thaw works perfect

  10. Thank you! Freezing the NAND chip with air cleaner bottle solved the bootloop problem of my Samsung T22B350 TV-Monitor. A new problem appeared though, the power LED is always off now. Any suggestions?

    • I’m afraid not.
      Its easy to replace a led but if you set the power safe function to power off after 60 minutes inactivity then it will power off itself and i would really bother the power led

  11. Nálam is jelentkezett a hiba. Az eprom reset és a flash lehűtés sem segített. A fő probléma, hogy az Anynet be van ill. be lett kapcsolva. Azt olvastam, hogy valaki a távirányító összes gombjának egyidejű nyomásával próbálkozott. Ez nehéz művelet és ez sem működött nekem. DE az Online Guide/ AD gomb jó ütemben való megnyomásával a tv kijött a kikapcs – bekapcs ciklusból és ki tudtam kapcsolni az Anynet-et!. A TV most is jól működik.

    Hi there! The main problem is: the Anynet is ON! You should try to push the “online Guide” button on the remote control at right time and you get out from the loop! Turn off Anynet or other automatic/green function of your TV! I successfully saved myself to buy new tv!
    If it is not working try another button combination. It is free and easy to do.

  12. I have managed to put my TV on standby. But otherwise it keeps on switching on and off.

    Is there a way to boot the TV from USB port and get it working again?

    • Do you have some more details?
      What type TV?
      Do it behave the same as you see on the movie?
      If not, please describe the problem.

      the reason i made this post is to help other people with the exact same problem. I’m afraid i am not capable to fix all problems with a Samsung TV.

  13. Ik heb alle stappen doorlopen en heb zelf het mobo in de oven gestopt zoals ze op sommige andere fora schrijven. De bootloop blijft hetzelfde. Mijn volgende stap zou zijn om de chip te vervangen. Is dit mogelijk om zelf te doen? En vooral heel belangrijk. Hoe kan ik zeker zijn dat de fout op deze chip zit. Kan ik dat testen of uitmeten?

    Met vriendelijke groeten

  14. Ik heb alle stappen geprobeerd maar ik blijf in de bootloop zitten…
    Nu wil ik graag het mobo verwisselen. Ik vind echter nergens hetzelfde mobo tweedehands. Weet er iemand of ik een andere variant er kan inplaatsen?

    • Sorry voor mijn late reactie.

      Ik zou het echt niet uitvoeren om een mailboard swap uit te voeren op een TV die ruimschoots is afgeschreven. De kans is aanwezig dat er voor jouw een compleet ander probleem aanwezig is en dat het niet eens in die NAND chip zit. Sorry dat ik je niet verder kan helpen.

  15. Tried all proposed solutions on my UE40D5500. Nothing worked: freezer, cooling spray, hardware reset.
    Any additional suggestion would be much appreciated.

  16. The reset on the pins did not work for me but the freeze on the ic 1302 did it!!!! Thx for this post! After the freeze i did not get any video on the four hdmi ports. On the tv i get the message “Please go into service mode and setup, type, local set and front color option” and i did go into the service mode. Model: UE40D5700RS Service mode: Power Off TV then press: Display/Info + Menu + Mute + Power. After setting this in order the hdmi ports works. Thank you again!!!!

  17. I have an Emerson TV that a friend gave me. I plugged it in and it worked fine connected to my computer then all of a sudden I had the boot loop problem. I switched to using HDMI and it worked for a few minutes until it resorted to the notorious boot loop. This continued until I was out of ports. I have been looking for a solution until I came across a possible solution posted by digisaster but that solution was taken down because it might have dangerous to somebody. If the solution that was posted was freezing a chip then people are pansies. Ugh. I have yet to try it but I will try putting the entire mainboard in the freezer and see what happens.

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