Samsung bootloop

Just a small post about my old 2011 Samsung tv.

Today it did not start and was rebooting in a loop.
After some googling i found a YouTube post how to reset the Eeprom.

Unfortunately it did not work (i think) so i did read some more post about problems with a bootloop. Some person suggested to place the main board into the freezer for 2 hours.

Instead of placing the complete main board in the freezer i did freeze the NAND memory chip with a little gas bottle to refill a lighter. (using a cooling spray is a bit smarter, but i didn’t have cooling spray)

After cooling the NAND chip for 30 second i waited a few minutes so the liquid was vaporized.

I have to admit that a was surprised that this step did solve the bootloop.

The tv was starting normal and i needed to reinstall the settings, but its working again.