Samsung bootloop

Just a small post about my old 2011 Samsung tv.

Today it did not start and was rebooting in a loop.
After some googling i found a YouTube post how to reset the Eeprom.

Unfortunately it did not work (i think) so i did read some more post about problems with a bootloop. Some person suggested to place the main board into the freezer for 2 hours.

Instead of placing the complete main board in the freezer i did freeze the NAND memory chip with a little gas bottle to refill a lighter. (using a cooling spray is a bit smarter, but i didn’t have cooling spray)

After cooling the NAND chip for 30 second i waited a few minutes so the liquid was vaporized.

I have to admit that a was surprised that this step did solve the bootloop.

The tv was starting normal and i needed to reinstall the settings, but its working again.

8 thoughts on “Samsung bootloop

  1. Cooling the NAND did also worked for me.
    I used liquid air (used for dust cleaning). When the can are used upside down, the air comes out as very cold liquid.

  2. Freezing the NAND chip worked for me too.

    I used liquid air (When the can is used upside down, you get freezing liquid)

    Thank you!

  3. Thanks for the suggestion – nothing to loose. May try Romina tech as also posted. ours has been in the shed for a year and I am going to try it. As stated by many on the site I found your link on, it is infuriating when the tv is in great condition after a few years and Samsung wash their hand of the problem. Our TV repair show said it was on for 24 hours so they repeat it, although one of their guys worked at Samsung previously and confirmed it!!!!!! GRRRR

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