Audio muted on every reboot

Took me some time to fix this annoying problem, and I’m sure that this is not the way to fix this problem, but it worked for me.

Problem description

i’m running a linux fedora environment with a nvidea card and digital audio output

On every reboot i see (with alsamixer) that the S/PDIF1 is muted and i need to unmute this to hear audio.

Tried lots of things to save the settings, but somehow it’s always muted on a reboot
(like alsactl store 0. alsactl store 1 and lots of other things like changing permissions on files)

I can unmute with the following command:

amixer -q -c 0 sset ‘IEC958’,1 unmute

So i just put this line in the /etc/rc.d/rc.local file
and now my audio is unmuted on a reboot.

If someone know how to fix this in a more decent way, just let me know.